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I was definitely skeptical going into my first treatment, but after only one session, I noticed a significant difference. I was shaving once or twice a day to once every 3 days! It is fantastic and I cannot express how happy I am with GetLaser. I recommended it to all my friends without hesitation. Give it a try!"
- Elena
From the beginning everything it was wonderful. The relaxed and informative consultation made my decision easy. The staff is wonderful and never aggressive. I am very glad I chose GetLaser over other places. I would recommend this business to anyone.
- Linda Thoma
GetLaser is a beautiful place for hair removal treatments. Their staff is amazing and was able to make me feel very secure in my decision to treat, educate me along the way. The treatments are virtually pain free and I am able to come and go during lunchtime. I recommend their services to everyone I know.
- Renee